Sketchnotes from MIX11

17 Apr

Last week I attended MIX11, a Microsoft-hosted conference geared towards developers, UX designers and others involved in the world of web, application and platform design. The session topics I observed ranged from bread-and-butter web technology to Windows Phone 7 to Kinect/NUI. And that means I’ve got another batch of quirky sketchnotes to share with the community! Catch them all after the jump.

Many thanks to Microsoft for the Moleskine sketchbook included in my registration swag bag.

HTML5/CSS3 Boot Camp

The HTML5/CSS3 boot camp on the morning of the first day was put together by Stephanie (Sullivan) Rewis  of W3Conversions.  I personally found this a bit of a re-hash and more focused on website vs. web app implications, but for those just dipping their toes into the pond or who have web design clients, it was a decent introduction.

HTML5 Canvas Mastery Boot Camp

Much more technical than the HTML5/CSS3 session, this boot camp involved code samples and working demos via Lanny McNie and Shawn Blais of  Most examples were in the context of a web game they developed for Microsoft called “Pirates Love Daisies”.

Designing Infographics for Web Applications

This was one of my favorite sessions from the show.  Des Traynor of Dublin-based Contrast gave a concise and hilariously upbeat rundown of the key tenets of good data visualization.  While most of the tidbits were recalled from Tufte, Des made the content feel fresh. Highly recommended for novices and experts alike.  Video available here.

A Whole NUI World

This session was geared towards the Microsoft Surface 2 crowd.  It was an overview of Microsoft Touch and how to create apps for Surface.  A good primer for those unaware of the capabilities of the Surface platform, but a bit heavy on marketing Samsung’s hardware relationship.  Check out the presentation here.

Kinect for Xbox 360: Iterative Field Testing to Optimize the Out of Box Experience

My other favorite sessions from the show.  John Dirks of Blink Interactive gave a rundown of the iterative, in-home contextual research conducted for early Kinect prototypes between April and November 2010. He showed concrete examples of how research informed improvements in the packaging, hardware and software of the product. Check out his recap, here.

Various Windows Phone 7 Sessions

I jumped between various Windows Phone 7 sessions with my fellow developers, so the sketchnotes from those are jumbled together.  I’ve decided to post them all as lump sum.  These sketches touch on Azure, Mango and more.